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Over the past 15 years we’ve worked with a variety of clients – ranging from large, centuries old corporations to single-person start-ups. But no matter how big (or small) the client, our business attitude never changes. Your business is important, and your needs are no different. No matter who you are, we customize our capabilities to do what works best to meet your business objectives. With the diverse group of clients we have had, we can honestly say, no two are alike. And that’s what makes it fun.

Accella Polyurethanes

Polyurethane & Rubber Products


Electrical Industry

Modine Manufacturing

HVAC&R Industry

Meramec Instrument Transformers

Electrical Industry

Champion Aerospace

Aviation Ignition & Engine Products

WAI Global

Automotive Products

HIX Corp

Graphic, Food Service & Industrial Equipment


Commercial Vending Machines


Medical Glass Products

Elite Comfort Solutions

Bedding & Furniture

Spire Technology Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing

ACH Food Companies, Inc.

Consumer Food Products

B&G Foods, Co.

Consumer Grocery Products

Sam’s Clubs

Consumer Retail/ Wholesale Club

Brown Shoe Company

Consumer Footwear Products

Purina Mills Animal Feeds

Research, Pet & Livestock Products

Bond Laboratories

Consumer Beverages

Vi-Jon Laboratories

Consumer Health Products


Consumer Food Products

International Tap House

Food Service Industry

Red Palm Oil

Healthy Cooking Oils

Caroline Cole

Consumer Home Goods


Corporate Marketing Services


Exhibit and Tradeshow Industry


Financial Services


Consumer & Commercial Photography Supplies

Adelman Travel

Corporate Travel Services

Gwin’s Travel

Consumer Travel Services

Pacific Energy Solutions

Commercial Sports Lighting


Tennis & Indoor Court Lighting

Affiliated Distributors

Industrial Products Distribution

Fromm Electric

Electrical Product Distributors

GE Supply

Electrical Product Distributors

ATS – Airport Terminal Services

Aviation Ground Services

Diamond V

Animal Nutrition & Health

Land O’ Lakes Purina Feeds

Animal Feed and Management Products

Labdiet & TestDiet

Laboratory Research Animal Feeds

Rabo AgriFinance

Financial Services

Jones Seed Company

Exotic Bird Feed

Purina Mills Honor Show Chow

Show Livestock Feeds


Zoo & Exotic Animal Feeds


Agriculture Products


Animal Feed Nutrition

Eagle Valley

Animal Care Products

The Sports Page

Food Service Industry


Police Dog Organization


Clergy Organization

Byrne Homes

Residential Home Builders


Irrigation & Lighting

Cutter & Company

Investment/Financial Advisors

“The team at YellowDog Productions excels in building lasting, memorable, and meaningful brand loyalty. They positioned our brands right in front of the Sam’s Club members by creating a multi-sensory event we called ‘Spice Up America.’ High-res graphics, food tastings, product sampling, recipe cards and cooking tips delivered a memorable shopping experience. The YellowDog team lives out their motto, ‘Think. Do. Done.’ on every project.”

Kenny Shortsleeve, ACH Foods

“YellowDog Productions not only offers dynamic creative design layout, they also offered my company the creativity and detailed implementation behind several successful sales promotional programs. Over the years, this team has introduced us to new communication technologies we have successfully used in generating leads and training our sales channel and customers.”

Judy Simms-Brown, Eaton’s Bussmann Division

“YellowDog is our trusted, full-spectrum marketing partner and has been for over 7 years. Their work has been a critical component of our ongoing sales growth. They know us well, they know our customer base well, and they help us present our company to our industry in a world-class, attractive, and unique manner.”

Brad Armstrong, Meramec Instrument Transformer

“Great thinkers, great creative, incredibly responsive, and a pleasure to work with.”

Bob Bender, Athena Advisors – Champion Aerospace

“Working with the YellowDog team is like working with family. They all genuinely care about your projects. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good stuff.”

George Nugent, PMI LabDiet

“YellowDog really strives for excellence in everything they do, and are passionate about growing your business. Working with them over the past several years has had a tremendous impact on our business. They do everything from marketing research, web design, social media, public relations and more. Their creativity and ability to provide head turning design with targeted messaging is second to none. Simply stated – YellowDog is a brilliant choice as our full service agency.”

Dave Wachter, Accella Polyurethane Systems

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