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Hot Ideas: Innovation in the Foundry Business

Hot Ideas: Innovation in the Foundry Business

When a company reaches out for help marketing a new invention, we can’t help but get excited. Alpha Foundry, a business with a long history, has a unique process used to produce 3D sand castings to make molds for countless industries including automotive, aeronautics, medical, electrical, and specialty. Alpha Foundry has its own unique molding process, and ownership with a bent for engineering and invention—a true recipe for success that’s kept the small business in Wright City, Missouri, going for more than 100 years.


The Challenge: Depowdering cores is tedious & time-consuming

With 3-D printing comes new challenges; especially with depowdering and making usable cores. Depowdering can become an unnecessarily time-consuming, labor intensive and costly manual activity that creates a bottleneck compared to the speed of the core printing process.


The Solution: ShotShower™

ShotShower™ is an easy, simple, and effective way to depowder cores. It’s gentle “shower” of fine shot efficiently removes sand from large areas in a single pass for faster throughput.


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