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No plan is worthwhile without a strategy. Sure, we can build your website, design your trade show exhibit, or launch your new products, but we never move forward without a strategic marketing plan in place. Marketing is where objectives are positioned, styles are formulated, and ideas are cultivated.

We will work with you and your team to understand your market, your business, your challenges, your competition, and of course, your customer. From here, a strategy is born. Following your strategy will be your pathway to success.

build a comprehensive plan

We use all of our strengths, resources and past experiences to help you build a comprehensive plan. Of course, we’ll execute it as well!


Great creative shapes how you’re perceive and expresses who you are. Design must be easily understood, clear messaging and functional.


Your brand and image are the most important facets of your marketing plan. Maintaining or accelerating your brand is our goal. When we approach a creative challenge, we focus on what the customer sees (and experiences), how they react, and how the creative approach reflects on your brand. The right style, image, and execution all play a part in our creative strategy.



This could be a very long description, but we will try to keep it short. When you think of digital, you’re probably associating the word with the Internet.

While this is true, it goes well beyond a website. Your digital landscape is your most vital part of your company. Maybe even more than a live salesperson or your production equipment. Without strength in your digital profile, you are not meeting your marketing expectations. Also, consider what it takes to put your message in the forefront, to edge ahead of the competition, and engage customers. Also consider the management, maintenance, and keeping your digital assets clear and free from outside influences or malicious attacks. We cover all this and offer more than most companies that just want to build your website. Think of it this way – would you hire just anyone to build your new building? No, you want the best.


With so many ways to market your brand, how do you decide what tools to use and when? We can help.


At its core, experiential marketing is all about creating a meaningful connection between a brand and its customers.


Experiential marketing is not well-known, unless you are Coke or Budweiser. Both of these companies have discovered the benefits of getting products in the hands of their customers, measuring feedback, and driving impactful results. At YellowDog, we look at experiential marketing as a way to personally meet your customer, introduce yourself, and create a relationship. While this can take many forms, the strategy of experiential is mainly to put an idea, concept, product, or experience into the hands of the end-users (your customer). While this end user may be a salesperson, distributor, or someone one step above the customers (like a service technician), the goal is to create a reaction and acceptance of your product. We have managed many campaigns, from direct print marketing to all out physical touring vehicles, with the same set of goals. We know how to create an impact!



Video is the most important facet of a successful website. The benefits of video help drive your SEO and put you in position to connect with your target audience. Great video is another thing. From initial planning, to writing a script, to shooting the actual video and editing, YellowDog will guide your video production. We work together as a team, and you will always be engaged in the production process. Together, your video will fit your business style, will be compelling, and will be just the right length to capture their attention. Our video production team are the same individuals who know your business and will provide positive returns on your investment.


Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services, or products.

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Contact us and let us give you a free website audit. An SEO score measures your website’s effectiveness and is a helpful look at the changes you need to make in order to increase your website’s performance. After you make the recommended updates, we can test your SEO score again to see how it’s improved!

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We will tell you if your site is inadequate, could use a few tweaks, or if it is performing well.

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