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LabDiet Trade Show in a Box

LabDiet Trade Show in a Box

Like most businesses during the pandemic, LabDiet had to cancel trade shows and started struggling with ways to connect with clients. They turned to YellowDog to help come up with a creative way to not only engage and connect with clients, but also LabDiet sales associates. We developed the “Trade Show in a Box” concept with a “Together” theme. This box contained LabDiet promotional items and tied in an incentive program called “Learn + Earn.” This program promotes continuing education and training with LabDiet sales associates with online courses. Participants earned CEU credits and a Starbucks® gift card. The kit was sent to almost 1000 users in the USA and Latin America.

The Trade Show in a Box was a great way for LabDiet to engage with clients and keep them engaged with an online learning platform.