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Digital Solutions


Before 2020, did you ever think you’d have to exhibit your products and showcase your brand via a virtual trade show? Did you think your physical storefront would never need an e-commerce site because you had enough foot traffic? Are you now struggling to navigate this crazy world with problems you never anticipated? This is why digital communications is essential in today’s world. It can be mind-boggling at times, but we are here to help you make the situation smooth sailing.

Website Development

+ Great websites start with top level designers and developers.

+ Our team is experienced and educated in digital marketing.

Site Architecture

+ We create designs that are optimized to promote a greater user experience (UX).

+ Our websites are functional across all devices and are specifically designed for mobile traffic, which is incredibly important in our world today.

Wire Frames & Design

+ Clients can see their website in the development stages and can help implement any changes or alterations while we are in production.

SEO Management

+ One of the most important factors of a successful website is SEO. We help clients understand what SEO does for your website.

+ Our goal is to help move your website to the top of Google, but also to consult and manage your ranking positions.

Social Media Content & Management

+ No longer just for kids and grandparents, social media runs business. A strong social media program is essential to your SEO and overall internet marketing platform.

+ YellowDog is experienced and experts at structuring and maintaining your social media program. Just ask us about our 5 bucket program!

Hosting (Rackspace Partner)

+ YellowDog takes great pride in our association with RackSpace (a leader in website hosting and server operations).

+ We work with the team at RackSpace to ensure your website is safe, alert, and able to respond to any malicious attacks or behavior.

Security & Maintenance

+ Website security is essential. Your business is operating on the internet, and with that, you are exposed to the “dark side.”

+ Through our daily maintenance protocols, we are able to deter or head off any attackers and keep your site constantly upgraded with all the latest software programs.

More Solutions

strategic marketing

We use all of our strengths and resources to help you build a comprehensive plan. Of course, we’ll execute it as well!

creative impact

Your brand and image is the most important facet of your marketing plan.

video marketing

Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services, or products.

Do You Know



Contact us and let us give you a free website audit. An SEO score measures your website’s effectiveness and is a helpful look at the changes you need to make in order to increase your website’s performance. After you make the recommended updates, we can test your SEO score again to see how it’s improved!

Get Your SEO Score

We will tell you if your site is inadequate, could use a few tweaks, or if it is performing well.

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