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Dog Blog 1.0 – Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Our days over here at YellowDog are like whirling dervishes – there’s lots of different projects going on, everyone’s busy with something, and we’re constantly dipping our “paws” into something new! Lately, we’ve been so busy that it’s resulted in an embarrassingly long amount of time since we have been able to spend time on our own major project – our website! Websites are one of those new forms of media that we are consistently learning about. Since we have been in business (about 12 years), we have built three websites for YellowDog. In today’s web marketing world, that is running behind the times.

As professional web developers, designers, marketers, and creatives, it’s our job to make big decisions for our clients. So that left us wondering, when it came to building our own website, why was it so hard? Probably because the most difficult and hardest-to-please client you will ever have is none other than… YOURSELF!

With that said, we’re finally unveiling our new website that we are proud of, and we’d love to show you around our new, improved, exciting, enticing, SEO optimized website! We took the time to include all the necessities that we provide on our clients’ websites, plus some other fun items here and there.

When you’re browsing around, keep in mind that this website fits our personal style, but does not necessarily reflect the work we do for our clients. Each client (including ourselves) is unique, and we felt that this design was the best way to showcase our personality.

We hope you enjoy our site, and we’d even like to hear your feedback! We promise it won’t be 7 years before our next website goes live!

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