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Dog Blog 31.0 – Diamond V: Who They Are, What They Do

Who Is Diamond V?

If you have been following YellowDog for awhile, you’ve probably heard about our work with a company called Diamond V. Diamond V is a connection from our earlier business with Purina Show Chow feeds. One of their many products is an important ingredient in their agri-animal feeds. It helps keep cows, chickens, etc. healthy by optimizing their productivity (like more milk and better eggs).

There is more to this company than what you might see on the service. Years ago, we helped Diamond V restructure their branding statement. They were known as a yeast company, which is far from what they actually do. With this change in brand positioning we had to really go deep and find out what they are all about. It would amaze you to know that this single company in the heart of Iowa is out to help reduce world hunger, ensure that the food we eat is safer, and help animals live healthy, enjoyable, and productive lives. If the old saying “we are what we eat” is true, than Diamond V is at the center of this statement.

Their philosophy is pretty simple – healthier animals produce more and better food, and this all comes down to the consumer. But to add to this, they have a much bigger vision of the future. In case you did not know, many of the world’s food producers are focused on 2050 as a key year in the world’s future. Experts predict that by 2050, the world population will reach approximately 9.7 billion people. That growth increase does not align well with the available land (and water) space that we have to grow and cultivate enough food to feed this high level of population. This is a major concern for Diamond V, and they are working hard to help ensure that we can accommodate this population in a manner that we are accustomed to.

Diamond V also advocates food safety. Their model is that safe food starts with healthy animals. This is a powerful insight that really makes sense. However, trying to get the farmers and producers all on board is their challenge. If you really want to read some interesting facts on the subject, visit this website

As consumers, we put our faith into the companies that produce and provide us with the food we love. Diamond V gets this and works diligently to educate and encourage producers to make changes to ensure safe food. So the next time you have a glass of milk, a scrambled egg, a steak, or grilled chicken sandwich, take a moment and think of what it takes to bring these safe, great tasting, and healthy foods from farm to table. Think about Diamond V (we certainly do)!

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