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Dog Blog 59.0 – The Fast 5: How to Generate More Leads on Your Website

Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. That’s why we are excited to introduce a new segment called “The Fast 5.”

Generally speaking, we will give you 5 quick tips instructing you how to improve a particular segment of your business. These tips will not require major overhauls of your business operations, but instead are simple ways to switch up your strategies.

First up, we are examining how to generate more leads on your website! You’re aware that your website is the gateway to your business, but if it’s not providing you with new business leads, then what exactly is it doing for you? It’s time to put that website to work!

Fast Tip #1 – Tried and Tested

How do you know if your website is performing properly? You test it, of course! Your best bet is to measure the click-through rate of your CTAs (call-to-action), your offers, your landing page’s conversion rate, your images, your wording, the number of new leads and sales resulting from your offers, and the ease of your site’s navigation. The proper testing and analytics software will help you determine what is working and what’s not – you’ll be able to track trends, real-time data, historic timelines, and more. Website Grader is a tool that evaluates your lead generation sources and then gives you tips on improving your content. You should also examine your Google Analytics reports. Test it and try it!

Fast Tip #2 – More Forms for High Traffic Pages

When you determine which of your pages are already performing well, why not add a little boost? On your most visited website pages, add longer-form content that visitors can access through forms that solicit their contact information. Also, you don’t want to forget to examine other sources where your leads could be coming from, such as:

  • The emails/newsletters you send out
  • Your social media outlets
  • Live chats on your website
  • Blog posts on your website

Grab the opportunity to increase your lead generations by adding forms to these high traffic sources!

Fast Tip #3 – Be Original

If you want quality leads, you need a quality site. This means avoiding all-in-one website templates…because we guarantee there’s a hundred other sites out there just like yours. We know building your own site from scratch can be a daunting task, but having a well-designed site will pay off in the end. If you’re not into overhauling your whole site, at least be sure that you’re providing original content to your visitors. Everything you publish needs to be well-written, offer value to prospects, and showcase your expertise. Now is not the time to copy the other guys!

Fast Tip #4 – Secure a Lead with High Security

We can’t tell you how many times we avoid purchasing something from a site (or even just browsing around) because it’s insecure. We will not go into the details on how to ensure that your site is safe (that’s a topic for another day), but instead we’ll look at it from a potential customers’ perspective. If you check off these 5 boxes, your customers should feel safe providing their information to your site:

  • Your URL begins with HTTPS – note the importance of the “S.” This means your security is provided by an SSL certificate, which protects sensitive information entered into that site as it travels from the site to a server.
  • You provide a privacy policy – this explicitly outlines how your data is collected, used, and protected by the website.
  • You provide your company’s contract information – nothing is more shady than a company that doesn’t provide a phone number, email, or address!
  • You provide a legitimate trust seal – do your research on the company that is providing the trust seal before you become certified. 79% of shoppers expect a trust seal, so we suggest not skipping this step (but just make sure it’s coming from a legitimate source)!
  • No malware appears on your site – such as suspect pop-ups, malvertising, search engine warnings, and SEO spam.

Fast Tip #5 – Love those Leads!

Let’s say you’ve been acquiring a great deal of new leads, but what are you doing about it? Don’t just wait for the magic to happen! Nurture your leads by following up with emails or reaching out on the phone. What happens when you notice a lot of people are visiting your site but you’re not receiving much in the way of contact information? Sounds like these potential customers could use a little persuasion! You can add value to your CTAs by including some of this high-value content on your site, such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Guides/ebooks
  • Video tutorials/how-to
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials