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Dog Blog 37.0 – 10 Steps to a Great ‘18!

We’re a little over a month into 2018, but it’s not too late to establish some business goals!

A new year is here, and we bet you’re ready for your business to hit some major milestones. We’ve compiled a list of 10 resolutions that will help your business grow, prosper, and maybe even exceed your expectations!

  • 1. Learn from 2017 – Take a moment and reflect on your successes, your failures, and what you hoped to accomplish (but didn’t quite). It’s hard to remember everything that happened during the span of an entire year, so chat with your coworkers or even some clients to refresh your memory.
  • 2. Ditch Your Fears – Take on a new challenge! Maybe you never got around to figuring out Twitter, or you’re interested in learning code. Keep your mind open and enjoy taking on a new skill!
  • 3. Clean Out Your Office – It is rather refreshing starting off a new year with a nice and tidy workspace! Recycle the papers from 2009 and all the promotional items you’ve been hoarding for 12 years. Don’t forget to clean off your computer desktop and your inbox, too!
  • 4. Monday Meetings – Weekly meetings are a great way to catch up, make plans, and adjust any mishaps that may have occurred during the week. Set a time limit (and maybe bring some snacks and beverages), and the “Monday Meeting” will become a natural part of your workweek.
  • 5. Make Networking Work – There are other ways to network without going to an awkward gathering in a drab hotel conference room. Try using social media (see more about that in the next article) or joining a new group – you’re bound to find one that has some great people and opportunities!
  • 6. Ditch What Doesn’t Work – As a business, there are certain things you’re “supposed” to do, but they don’t always work out to your benefit. Sometimes you need to forget about what everyone else is doing and do what works best for you.
  • 7. New Year, New Website – Take a casual browse through your website and pretend like you’re visiting it for the first time. With this kind of mentality, it is easy to spot the changes you need to make. It might require a complete overhaul or just a few minor adjustments, but why not start out the new year with a fresh web presence?
  • 8. Don’t Go it Alone – Don’t let big projects bog you down – ask your coworkers for assistance. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling stuck or if you think the project just needs a fresh set of eyes to give it a look.
  • 9. Ask for Feedback – Ever wonder what your clients really think of you? Why not ask them! Your clients probably have some insight that can help you narrow down what doing well, things you can improve on, and helpful suggestions. If you’re afraid to get too personal (by calling or asking them in person), try sending out a quick survey after you’ve completed a project.
  • 10. Be a Bit of a Pest – Potential clients are all around you – you just need to approach them! Whether you strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane, or you’re shopping in a local business that needs major marketing help, the world is full of potential. Don’t forget the most important part – following up on your leads!