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Dog Blog 39.0 – Introducing TurnKey TV

We are excited to announce a new service we’re offering to our clients. It’s called TurnKey TV, and it’s going to change the way you share information!

Before we explain how TurnKey TV works, let’s consider this fact for a minute – people want information, they want it now, and unfortunately (for all the copywriters out there) they don’t want to read it! That’s where video steps in. Video is an awesome storyteller, but it’s not always easy to produce. Even if you have a script written out, there’s still graphics, the talent, equipment, editing, time, and price to consider. You could try to make your own video on your phone (hey, everyone’s done it), but let’s be honest, your audience can tell a professional video from a homemade one! That’s where TurnKey TV steps in. TurnKey TV is a custom video communication package that’s created in our studio, but it’s tailored to meet all of your qualifications.

With TurnKey TV, we will present you with a selection of hosts, the set’s appearance, music, and more…and then we’ll do the work of producing, editing, and making your business look good! It’s kind of like a “build your own video” package. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s affordable, and it gets the job done!

We’re pretty sure that by this point, TurnKey TV is sounding like a good idea to you. But you might be wondering how you can use this cool service for your company. For starters, use TurnKey TV as a mode to send out company updates, promote your brand on social media, provide company training, and to provide impactful communication in a fresh way.  There’s so many ways you can use TurnKey TV to your advantage, so now is the time to get creative!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, and be sure to watch our video!