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Dog Blog 62.0 – TikTok is Changing Advertising

TikTok is a video-focused social media platform that continues to grow. The platform has over 1 billion users and is available in over 150 countries, making it the fastest growing social media platform of all time.

A common misconception many people have about the platform is that it is only for teenagers and young adults. However, there are millions of videos posted to the app that can appeal to any age. From cooking, to cars to cleaning, there’s a little something for everyone on TikTok.

Why Should You Pay Attention to TikTok?

Marketers have noticed this and see it as a golden opportunity to reach their audiences in a fun and creative way. Not only can marketers buy advertisements, but they can create accounts to encourage user interaction and engagement.

By creating an account and promoting their content through the app rather than through advertising, they are promoting their brand for free. Companies can be funny and use trending sounds to reach and attract their audience – for no cost.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “TikTok accounts with zero followers can get millions of views on a new video thanks to the viral nature of the algorithm. As long as the content appeals to the audience, the engagement will follow.” Which gives marketers an even playing field when comparing to other social media platforms.

the future of advertising?

So now we ask ourselves, is TikTok taking over advertising? If companies no longer need to purchase advertisements to reach their customers, what does the future of advertising look like?

Well, for starters, TikTok is still swarming with advertisements. It is also filled with influencers who will promote brands and brand products to their typically large follower counts. Between advertising, influencer marketing, and creating an account, TikTok gives marketers many chances to reach their audience and be successful on the platform.

A common behavior with social media users is that they typically try to ignore or skip through ads, but advertisers have found a way to blend in on TikTok. When your advertisement appeals to your audience, takes part in a trend, and doesn’t look overly produced (too fancy), users may not realize that it’s an advertisement until halfway through the video.

get the most out tiktok for your business
1. Use a phone, not a camera

If there is one thing that TikTok is not a place for, its professional, cookie-cutter content creation. If you want to be successful on the platform, being original and authentic is a must.

2. Use the right hashtags

Without a doubt, the hashtags you choose are the most important part of getting your videos to the right audience. If you use unique or uncommon hashtags, it can seriously hurt the number of views your videos get. Try to target the most popular hashtags that apply to your video.

3. Follow Trends

Trends come and go, but keeping up with them is crucial if you want to gain a following. And TikTok is an extremely trendy place.

4. update regularly

A key part to being successful on social is to upload content regularly. If you want to make TikTok work for your business, you need to produce content.