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Dog Blog 63.0 – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

We consider YellowDog a creative family and like to celebrate birthdays (with homemade cards) and acknowledge work-iversarries! In addition, we’ve got A new YellowDog starting with us this month. So, we just wanted to take a moment to recognize some June anniversaries. Anniversaries are important, and we get so wrapped up in our daily business that it’s hard sometimes to recognize the time that we all have spent here at YellowDog. So with that I will say— it may not have always been said, but I do appreciate everyone’s dedication and time here at the Dog.

So up first are two June anniversaries; Jill 16 years and Jamie at 14 years.

Jill was not the first to join YellowDog, but she is the longest-running associate of the company.

Jamie— I still remember the day she came in with her portfolio (the last real portfolio I have seen since) and wowed us here with her creative talents. Does not seem like 14 years could have gone by.

I am also going back— back, back, back to the wall— to recognize three others that had anniversary marks this year:

Rachel in April – 10 years – seems like yesterday she came to us with her artistic talents.

Nathan in March – 8 years (on the books) but in reality, closer to 20 as Nathan has been with us since the beginning of YellowDog Productions!

Jerry in February – 11 years – Jerry put us in the world of video—and learned it along the way!

Thanks everyone for your dedicated services over the years, and I hope to get better at remembering these dates (on or closer to the actual date). We have a lot to be grateful for (no one got sick, and we are still all together — minus one— but he is still near).


So June is a big month, a new YellowDoggy will be joining us; Liz Gerger, so we look forward to showing her what we are all about at YDP!

We are looking forward to an excellent year, and also to shout out to our friends and associates. Jeff– who is a huge influence (to me) and great help to our organization—he is YellowDog! To George, for helping me through the Covid— and showing up for work every day—haha (he made it feel like we were still in business here). And to Ron for helping to guide us through business. Along with all our wonderful clients, vendors, family and friends that have hung in there during this trying time. Tony – who has kept all our video work going strong and stills answers all our computer questions!

And to my biggest influencer, consultant, and keeper of my gates— my wife Marci— who without her years of dedication, none of this would be possible.

It’s a new day, new challenges await, and the best is yet to come! Covid— you’re in our rear-view mirror!


Top Dog / Founder