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The Recipe Box – Recipe 15.0: Pumpkin Ice Bucket

A Pumpkin Ice Bucket is a fun and festive way to keep those wicked tasty brews cold on Halloween! Follow these simple steps, turn on some spooky tunes, and enjoy!


  • Visit your local pumpkin patch. We highly recommend doing this because it’s a lot more fun than just picking out a pumpkin at the grocery store!
  • Select a pumpkin that’s at least 12 inches in diameter.
  • Using a sharp knife, create a jagged edge around the pumpkin “lid.” (It’s more “spooktacular” this way!)
  • Clean out the pumpkin to the best of your abilities, or until your arm gets tired. We recommend getting it as clean as possible so it can hold more ice (and drinks)!
  • Fill with ice and drinks, and serve along with some festive Halloween baked goods and candy!