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The Marketing Unleashed Podcast – Episode 1

Joel: Hello everyone and welcome to the show. I’m Joel and I’ll be your host. So in this first episode we want to introduce you to who YellowDog is and what to expect from the show. So why don’t we start with the latter. In the podcast we’ll be covering topics related to both marketing and business growth. Now our main goal is to provide information, discuss current topics in marketing, and provide you with actionable advice that you can use no matter if you’re the business owner or if you’re the chief marketing officer of your company. Now we plan on releasing a new episode each week and we’ll try to release some bonus episodes as things come up that we feel are really important to discuss with you guys. But, for the most part it’ll be myself and the YellowDog team tackling subjects like creative design, website development, SEO, a little bit of social media and really just a number of various other topics that have to do with marketing and business growth.

But we’ll also have a few industry experts that we’ll be inviting on the show to discuss their areas of expertise as well. And we’ll also introduce some fun shorter segments along the way. So who is YellowDog Productions? Well, in short, we’re a marketing agency located in Chesterfield, Missouri, which is really just a few minutes outside of St Louis. We work with small, medium and large enterprises to provide strategic and creative growth solutions that include website production, search engine optimization, experiential marketing, video production, creative design, trade show exhibiting, sales promotions, and a lot of additional supporting services that really help you create a holistic marketing strategy. Now before we end this episode, I just want to go around the room real quick and get some quick introductions from the team. So Jim, why don’t you start us off.

Jim: Hi, I’m Jim. I’m one of the creatives here at YellowDog. I am the senior member at YellowDog and the owner of YellowDog. And uh, you know, my job these days is to work in business development. Uh, try to bring some new clients to the business, help with some of our existing clients and do whatever I can do to help further the development of YellowDog. I still like to weigh in on some of the creative strategies, but not so much in the design area anymore or the production for that matter. Those guys do that. So, you know, that’s what I do.

Joel: All right, Jill, you’re next.

Jill: Hi, I’m Jill. And my official title is idea launcher and wordsmith. That basically means when there’s words that need to be written, they’re sent my way. And when a client requires some creative strategy, I’ll get one cooking for them. And that’s the simple and straight forward version.

Joel: You’re up Jamie.

Jamie: I’m Jamie and I’m the facilitator of all things creative here at YellowDog. I’ve had the privilege of growing at this company for over a decade, whether it’s being the lead designer and developing a visual identity or a new website design or just collaborating with everyone on a new marketing campaign. I help lend a design direction and voice for each project. That’s why I am designer in chief.

Joel: And over Skype, we have Nathan.

Nathan: Hey, I’m Nathan. I handle all things tech here at YellowDog. I build websites and develop apps and manage our servers. And I also help our clients understand technology.

Joel: Rachel.

Rachel: Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a designer here at YellowDog. I’ve been here for probably about nine or so years and I work on anything that needs graphics and a creative touch.

Joel: Go ahead Jerry.

Jerry: Hi, I’m Jerry and I work in the digital media department at YellowDog. My main duties include video editing and distribution for various multimedia projects, build and maintain websites for clients and help out with other digital related tasks.

Joel: And last but not least, I’m Joel and I actually play a few roles here at YellowDog. I assist in client management, project fulfillment, and I manage many of our experiential marketing programs and I also help manage the business operations and now I produce the Marketing Unleashed Podcast. And that’s pretty much why they call me mission control.

So, we’re going to end this episode here. Now, we really hope that you join us on our podcasting journey and we’re able to provide you with great information and content. So be sure to subscribe to our show on your preferred podcast platform and definitely look for us wherever podcast are found. And until next time, stay unleashed.