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YDP PR Alert: ImageAMMO LLC and MobileMoment LLC

Below is a press release for some clients we are pleased to work with – ImageAMMO LLC and MobileMoment LLC. We’re always happy to help clients spread the word!

MIAMI, April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ImageAMMO LLC and MobileMoment LLC have entered into an exclusive license and distribution agreement to offer the ImageAMMO platform for use in mobile marketing.

ImageAMMO developed the technology for the next-generation platform to distribute and manage digital content in smartphones and tablets. Digital content managed on the ImageAMMO platform can be accessed via Wi-Fi, beacon technology, web browser, text, email, and all social media. This makes it the optimal platform for major brands to connect with consumers at point-of-sale, and also for commercial brands to connect with end-users, technicians, and those in the service-related industry.

ImageAMMO uses an engaging program known as the “Wrapper” to present mobile digital content. The content offered in the Wrapper stimulates viewers’ interest and entices them to touch an image, which in turn links them to product information via website, video, or social media.

An additional component to ImageAMMO’s technological offerings is “MobileMoment Powered by ImageAMMO,” which allows brands to connect with consumers by using the art of immediate gratification. MobileMoment reaches out to consumers with a web link sent via text message. When a consumer touches the web link, they’ll be ushered to the Wrapper. This technology serves as a bridge from brick and mortar and offers a glimpse into the future of retail and e-commerce.

One well-known consumer food product brand has adopted the “MobileMoment Powered by ImagaAMMO” platform to promote its line of spices, seasonings, and sauces.

“Initial consumer conversion rates from this pilot program surpassed anything we have tried before,” said Jim Hennessy, founder of YellowDog Productions, a marketing agency for a large consumer food product company. “This style of marketing significantly helped build more brand awareness and extend product information that might have otherwise never reached the consumer.”

Several other major consumer packaged goods companies are also in various stages of piloting and implementing the software.

In addition to benefiting retailers and consumer product companies, the “MobileMoment Powered by ImageAMMO” platform translates well into other categories looking to offer digital content to a large audience in an instantly gratifying fashion. Some of these categories include trade shows, expos, sports teams, politicians, celebrities/artists, auction houses, ecommerce sites, and social media, among others.

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SOURCE MobileMoment LLC; ImageAMMO LLC

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