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Updating Your Website

It’s like everything else, even workout shoes don’t last for more than a few years. Websites are no different. At the end of 2016 I had a chance to visit our website (like I visit my mother) not as often as I should, and I noticed we were getting a bit out of date. Most of the work seemed to be up-to-date, but the look and style that we once admired, had long worn off. Time to renew.

But as we tell our client’s, it’s best to update your website every three years. Not because of any drastic change in style, but more so to make sure your site is operating within the new “Google” best practices guidelines. Yes, Google, is the boss of the web and we all have to do what the boss says or we’re going to be on the out looking in.

Sometimes it’s good to have something to force you into making a change, otherwise you just let things go, and before too long, you are not looking so good, or doing so well. With changes come new content. Fresh things that Google has not seen yet, and that is what is most important. Thing of a webcrawler that has dined on the same information for many years, they tend push it to the side. Successful websites need fresh material, new images, video and most important (some really good original content). This is what fuels webcrawlers and keeps Google happy.

So welcome to the new face of YellowDog. This site was designed, written and developed using all the new facets of today’s web technology. It’s mobile friendly and SEO ready. Click around, there is lots to look at and more to come. If you see something you really like and want to know more, believe me, there is plenty to tell. Give us a call.


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