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Dog Blog 34.0 – A Retro Fall

Did You Have a Retro Summer?

If you remember this post from back in June, we mentioned that we were going to celebrate summer retro-style. Now that it’s October, I think we can truly say that we completed everything on our list! The Cardinals games were tuned into our radios, we planted ourselves in rickety chairs, and we drank some classic, non-craft brews. We also enjoyed quite a few pool parties, nights spent on the patio eating BBQ, and maybe what can be considered the highlight of the summer – the eclipse!

Now it is “fall,” (and I have quotes on fall, because it’s still blazing hot out) – and I think it’s even more impertinent that we have a retro-style fall, too! Fall is the season which everyone claims is their “favorite,” when in reality nobody seems to remember that fall in St. Louis is maybe a short week or two when the weather goes between 90 degrees and 60 degrees. It’s a time when people drink sickeningly sweet Pumpkin Spice Lattes and fire up their pumpkin candles, all while wearing sweaters and boots the second temperatures dip below 80 degrees.*

If fall were a person, I think it would be a hipster dressed in flannel with a scruffy beard and some leather work boots. If fall were a drink, it’d be pumpkin beer that’s so strong and filling you can only drink one. Fall seems like the most popular season of all…but to me, it seems like a trick mother nature plays on us each year. While everyone is fired up to wear their hoodies and chunky knits (ha), mother nature is thinking, “I’ll show you how long you can get away without wearing a parka. You just wait and see!”

Don’t despair – you can still enjoy fall in a non-hipster, non-basic way. Let us be your guide to having the perfect retro fall!

  • 1. We are sticking to our guns here – no craft brews! If you want something other than a Coors or Bud Light, we recommend some spiked apple cider or something of that nature.
  • 2. Don’t wear boots when the temperatures are above 70 degrees. It just looks dumb. Plus, our feet get hot just looking at you.
  • 3. Enjoy the new fall TV show lineups! We’re not sure if anything really great is coming out this year, but thinking back to when we were kids, the new fall TV shows were always something to get excited about.
  • 4. Visit your local library. When you were a kid, September = school. School = books. Since it’d be creepy to lurk around a school (however nostalgic it may be), you can get that new school year feeling by visiting the library! (Plus, libraries just have that particular smell that just reminds us of being in school.)
  • 5. Assign yourself some homework. This sounds awful, but hear us out. Just because most of us aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something new. Sign up at your community college for some guitar lessons or taking a cooking class. Do something to get that brain power flowing!

Now that you know how to properly enjoy fall, we hope that you have the best one yet! We’ll check back in December to see if we stuck to our list!

*Note – We are guilty of doing some of these things. (Especially those craft pumpkin beers and pumpkin candles. I guess it’s just part of being a 30-something in 2017. We blame millennials.)