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Dog Blog 33.0 – A Retro Summer

How to Celebrate Summer Properly – The Retro Way

Today is the first official day of summer (YES!) and that means it’s time to get nostalgic. When I think of summer, I think of the classic things: crowded swimming pools, the smell of Coppertone, Beach Boys music, fireworks, staying up late, running around barefoot, dripping Popsicles…basically everything that happens in the movie The Sandlot. No, I wasn’t around during the times the movie took place (the early 1960s), but for some reason, when I picture the perfect summer, I feel like it would probably occur in the early 1960s. That’s because I like to imagine kids playing outside all day, people listening to the radio and cruising around in their cars, and taking a stroll down the street to get a melty ice cream cone…things you don’t see too much these days!

Here at YellowDog, we’re big fans of summer, so we’re here to help you make it the best one ever! We’ve seen a lot of “Summer Bucket Lists” floating around lately, and we will tell you – this is not a list of things that sound Instagram-worthy but will probably never happen. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can enjoy summer to the fullest – retro style!

  • Get yourself a nice rickety lawn chair, preferably with a little rust. We know that no one in the 60s sat around in chairs like this, so you shouldn’t either.
  • Stock a metal cooler with your favorite NON-CRAFT beer. We are talking Busch Light, PBR, Coors Light…the basics. Nothing fancy allowed! Our cooler is not vintage, but it definitely has an old school look and keeps the beers icy cold!
  • Plop a straw hat on your head, sit down in that rickety chair, and tune your old timey radio to the Cardinals game. We know they are stinking it up right now, but listening to them on KMOX is a little less painful than watching them on TV!
  • If it’s a rainy summer day, feel free to watch a classic summertime movie (there’s a decent list of them here), but if that sun’s a-shining, get your rear outside! Summer doesn’t last long, that’s for sure. Before you know it, it will be February (the most dreadful month of the year), and you’ll be wishing you were soaking up all that sunshine back in June!

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