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Dog Blog 36.0 – A Retro Winter

The Only Way to Survive Winter is to Have a Retro Winter!

Fall seems like ages ago and winter has struck with a vengeance! If you recall this post , we discussed all the ways we were going to make the most out of St. Louis’ brief fall season. Overall, we did a pretty respectable job of avoiding craft brews, hitting the library, and wearing our sandals as long as possible.

Now it’s January and it’s not appearing as though we’re going to have a mild winter like last year. So let’s talk about some ways we can attempt to enjoy this potentially dreadful season. As you can tell, we aren’t too excited about winter, but hey…we’ll try and find a few things that make it a little less painful!

When we think of a retro winter, 3 main images come to mind:

  • 1. Sledding (preferably in one like this)
  • 2. A snow day (no work)!
  • 3. Pond skating

All of those “ingredients” for a retro winter sound great, but unfortunately we have zero control over them! So how do we recreate a winter like the ones we experienced as kids (without renting a fake snow machine)? Here are some suggestions:

  • Go ice skating. It might be slightly warm (did we really just say that?) to grab your skates and glide around your neighborhood pond, but that’s what ice rinks are for!
  • Bake something classic. Don’t the delicious scents of chocolate chip cookies or brownies wafting from the oven bring back memories of the cold winter days of your childhood? We suggest making these or these.
  • Go outside anyways. It may be dangerously freezing outside, but with a few dozen layers and a trusty pair of mittens, you could probably withstand a quick jaunt around your neighborhood. Even if there’s no snow, going outside in the winter is not actually the worst…you can see a lot more when the trees don’t have leaves, plus all that shivering probably burns a lot of calories!

While we are aware that this is not the most creative to-do list, winter months (January/February in particular) are truly difficult months to enjoy. So try to make the most of it and check back with us in March for our retro spring suggestions (we promise they’ll be a little more inspired!)