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Dog Blog 18.0 – Creativity Conundrum

Is it just me, or does winter (January/February in particular) cause a serious lack of creativity? This is probably just sounding like one big excuse, but lately I’m feeling like the “winter blahs” are causing a serious lack of inspiration. Getting up when it’s still dark outside, leaving work when it’s dark outside, piling on 27 layers before leaving the house, and seeing dead grass and bare trees everywhere aren’t huge sources of inspiring scenes for me. The blahness of winter has transferred over to my brain, and I feel like everything I write lately is ok and acceptable, but I’m definitely not getting those feelings of “I just wrote the most amazing thing ever!” Hey, at least I’m being honest here!

Since today is Monday (which everyone knows is the worst day of the week), it’s currently 11 degrees outside, and it’s mid-January, I think I’m experiencing the trifecta of lack of creativity. It is taking me an abnormally long time to write this blog post (and it also took me an abnormally long time to even think of the subject!), so I know I’m facing a true creativity conundrum. In fact, I just looked back at a news release I wrote last week and thought, “did I really just send this off for approval?” Things are that bad. Again, I am being honest. (And if you are the client who is receiving said news release, I’m sorry and I’m willing to start it over from scratch!)

Enough with the whining, it is time for me to do something about my lack of brain power. Here is a list of things I’m trying in hopes of sparking the creativity flame. Here goes!

  1. Just start writing – oh look, I’m doing that now! Since this blog isn’t for a client, there’s a lot less pressure to make it awesome. I’m just letting the words flow and seeing what can transpire! (So far, I’m thinking this isn’t my best work, but I do feel like it’s a good “warm up” for some real writing later in the day.)
  2. Drink caffeine – did that this morning. I guess I feel stimulated (or maybe jumpy is more like it), but the maybe the shaky feelings in my fingers are like bolts of energy striking the keyboard? Maybe?
  3. Do something else – I’m about to go to Target on my lunch break, and everyone knows that Target is the greatest source of distraction in all the universe. I am going there with intentions of purchasing some crackers and diaper rash ointment, but I guarantee you I will leave with at least $50 worth of additional merchandise. How will this help inspire creativity? It probably won’t, but not thinking about how bad my creativity is sucking right now might help lift some of the pressure to be awesome!
  4. Listen to something with some serious beats. That was a real dork thing to say, but what I mean is, it’s time for me to turn off the Adele (which only makes me want to cry) and crank up the Drake. (I am not ashamed about my Drake fandom!) Who can write great things when they feel like crying anyway? See ya, Adele….
  5. Eat something delicious – I am feeling like the 2 packets of oatmeal I brought for lunch will provide 0% excitement to my day. That’s why I plan on eating dark chocolate covered espresso beans (see #2) later on in the day. A double dosage of the jitters is definitely something to look forward to!
  6. Make a plan and stick to it – I have already noticed that I still haven’t turned off the Adele, and I’m still delaying going outside in the freezing cold for my Target run. This is a recipe for serious blah-ness. I am going to make a plan to do everything on this list, and more importantly, get some writing done! It doesn’t matter if it stinks or if I’ll have to delete it all and start over again tomorrow. The point is that taking action will help me get the creativity flowing. Take the plunge!
  7. Watch something funny – whenever I watch something hilarious (usually my choice is Jimmy Fallon doing the “Barry Gibb Talk Show” skit on SNL), I feel so much better about everything in life. I might have just wasted 3-35 minutes on some silly videos, but I feel like it’s beneficial in the long run. A good laugh helps get you through the day!
  8. With that, I will end this blog with an awkward list of 7 things to consider when looking to climb out of the “lack of creativity hole.” Although I’m thinking I should’ve made the list a nice round 5 or 10 things, I’m actually feeling ok with the 7 things I’d like to try. Maybe you will try them too! If not, just remember that when it gets up to 43 degrees this week it will feel balmy, and January is over halfway through!


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