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Dog Blog 17.0 – Resolutions Made Public

This year, the YellowDoggers have decided to kick off 2016 by sharing our New Year’s Resolutions. Now that we’re making them public, we have to keep them, right? We’ll have to check back in mid-year to see if we’re still staying true to our resolutions or if we’ve steered off-track (which reminds us, our “office resolution” should be to post on the blog more often!) Here goes!


I have a business resolution — to become a social media user! I have a home resolution — to find time to relax and play with my grandkids.


I am resolving to “Keep It Clean in 2016.” Whether it’s my house, office, car, purse, gym bag, drawers, cabinets, whatever – I need to do a better job of keeping things organized, putting things away, and maintaining an overall essence of clean! Part II of my resolution is that I would like to surpass my previous record of reading 43 books in 2014!


My resolution is to spend more time playing with the kids.


My fake resolution: Back out of things at the last minute haha. Real: Get the Saturday Shirt Company up and running and finish the website I started for it 3 years ago.


I would like to save towards a down payment on a house and to start bicycling!


Work related, update our website with new projects. And personally I really need to finalize my name change!


My resolution is to read at least 10 books this year.


Exercise more, eat better and play more guitar.

The "Turntable" shirt by the Saturday Shirt Company can be found here:

The “Turntable” shirt by the Saturday Shirt Company can be found here.

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