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Dog Blog 49.0 – I Want to Work Here!

Turns out, people these days have some fairly high expectations about their workplace! We’re not talking about pool tables, beer fridges, and weekly food truck visits – instead, people are seeking an environment that lets them work to their full potential.

If you’re looking to hire (and keep) a talented pool of employees, here are some ways to create an attractive workplace! Making a few of these simple changes can have big impact, like increased productivity, optimized efficiency, and an overall improved sense of morale.

Create Great Relationships

While it’s important for your employees to be able to focus and concentrate on their tasks, they don’t need to sit in an isolated cubical all day. Try instigating brief group meetings (with an emphasis on brief) or gathering your team for a lunch outing every now and then. Interaction between employees increases a sense of value and motivation, even if you’re just casually bouncing ideas back and forth for a few minutes. If your employees work from home, you could catch up with a short Skype chat or FaceTime. People like to be part of a team, and the more time you spend together, the more likely you’ll be able to increase production.

Everyone Matters

One of keys to instilling a sense of success, pride, and motivation is a sense of purpose. People like to feel as though they are contributing to their company and making a positive impact on the business. According to Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author, “A good boss needs to create, communicate, and celebrate a sense of purpose at work. They need to connect the dots for employees between their work and purpose to remind them why their work matters. They need to include employees in bigger picture discussions so they feel connected to the overall performance and success of the business.” This is a good reminder of how taking the time to appreciate your employees’ contributions can keep them around (and happy) for a long, long time!

Equipment Updates

Did you just hire a top-notch web designer and give her an iMac from 2009? Not a good move! While we don’t recommend hiring someone who is snobby about the equipment you supply, you can’t expect people to get quality work done with out-of-date technology. Some updates may be quite costly (like computers), but other small tweaks (like getting new office chairs) can make a big difference.

Get Flexible

These days, it is not uncommon for people to work from home, part-time, or even non-traditional hours. As long as people are completing their tasks, you might want to consider a flexible work schedule. Nobody wants to be constantly stressed because they’re worried about getting to work exactly at 8:30 or because a family member suddenly got ill. While you don’t want to be completely lax about the rules (showing up for work at 11:00 AM isn’t acceptable!), you might want to consider letting employees work adjusted hours that better fit their schedules.

Redefine Roles

Sure, you hire an employee with a specific purpose in mind, but sometimes people can surprise you! Maybe your office manager is a talented writer, or the product designer has some serious accounting skills. Instead of forcing your employees to stick to their particular roles (which can get mundane pretty fast), let them use some of their other creative talents at the workplace. Bend the rules, get to know your employees on a deeper level, and discover their hidden talents that can benefit the business!