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Dog Blog 57.0 – Happy Opening Day!

It seems like this winter was way too long and really too cold. Opening Day is upon us and thanks to Major League Baseball, we can officially celebrate spring. YES!

Now that brings me to this year’s team. I have to say that I am excited about our chances to get to the playoffs…or at least, to be a contender up to the final day. Why? Because after many years, we finally have a manager who knows the game. We witnessed what he can bring to the team and how he handles his players. The previous guy, not so much. And with this new manager comes some improved talent that should help with both our defense and offense.

I don’t have much more to say than this so early in the season. No real reason to gripe about the Cardinals (management or players). I even have renewed hopes for Fowler! Maybe he will show what his true talents are and help this team win. If not, there are suitable replacements in line. Let’s all hope they stay healthy and inspired to play hard this year, and get us back to the playoffs (ahead of the Cubs!)


This has been a post by Jim. Stay tuned for more Cardinals updates to come, which will cover topics such as the Cardinals’ usual mid-season meltdown followed by their too-late attempts to win the division!


Fredbird is ready…are you?