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DogBlog 40.0 – Cardinal Baseball Means Spring…No Matter the Weather

This is a post written by Jim on Opening Day!

It’s that time of year again, the Cards are back at it! Without a doubt, this has been one of the most miserable winters (and now spring seasons) we have ever endured. And while old man winter does not want to let the sun shine and days warm up, we cannot stop the wheels of time. It’s baseball season again!

Once again, the Cards open on the road — I believe this is their 7th straight year that they have opened on the road, and this year that is probably a good thing. As always, we start the season with our focus on the end of the season. What will it take to be playing ball when the weather turns again this fall? Well for sure, they have got to be better in the bullpen. Those around me know that I rant on this subject endlessly. The bullpen pitchers must perform and hold leads. It cannot all come down to the closer (which we really do not have one designated closer), so we will have to rely on a committee. Might not be a bad way to go when you think about the head cases we have seen over the years!

Okay- let’s keep it positive. All I care about is beating the Cubs, and beating them good. Of course, real Cards fans despise those Wrigley Worms. Moreso, I am really getting tired of those who frequent Cardinal games wearing Cards red, only to change to Cub blue when the little bears come to town. As Daffy Duck would say— it’s despicable!

Have a good baseball season, the weather will soon cooperate and we all should be in a better mood.

Go Cards!