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Dog Blog 30.0 – The 2017 Baseball Season

Well it’s finally here; baseball season! It’s like a season upon its own. Something we in the St. Louis area look forward to from the last out of the previous season. Sorry as it may be, but we have no real other reason to cling to a sport. We have no football, and hockey seems to be always a question mark. I know there are Blues fans that bleed the blue, but for me, Cardinal baseball is what I long for.

Why this is I don’t know, I guess I just like to have something to yell and crab about for 6 months…7 if we are lucky. I start my evenings having dinner and screaming at baseball over the meal. It does not do much for my digestion. Then it moves to the patio, a walk, and finally vegetating on the couch, and still, it can be aggravating. On those nights the games are on the coast, it generally means there will be little or no sleep on those nights. And don’t bring up the Sunday game of the world. For this I really hate ESPN. They ruined a sacred day for me – baseball should be played in the sunshine on Sunday! Dragging this sport into the evening is just their way of ruining another tradition. And in case you are keeping track, the Cardinals and Giants lead in Sunday night appearances. Maybe now that the Cubs are finally winning (and believe me, my fingers can barely type those words), they can have the Sunday night games. Which by the way, I really hate it when the Cards and Cubs square up in Wrigley for the evening contest. That is the worst!

In closing, good luck to all the teams this year. We hope the games are well played and fun to watch. I don’t like to predict a season as I am always a true believer. Like TLR always said, “You’ve got to play the games.”

Good Luck, Cards!


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