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Dog Blog 22.0 – We’ve Got the Blues

After reading the title of this blog post, you might be wondering, “What is wrong with these people? Who has the blues when it’s 86 degrees and sunny outside?” We can assure you that we are most definitely NOT blue about the weather, but we ARE enormously excited that the St. Louis Blues have advanced to the second round of the playoffs (not to mention that they beat those blasted Blackhawks, blechhhh).

The Blues almost blew it (see what I did there?) several times last night, and they also almost blew the entire series after leading it 3-1, but somehow, some way, they made it past their “first round demons” (as the St. Louis Post Dispatch calls it) and will now be facing Dallas later this week!

As Blues fans know, it’s been pretty painful over the years to get your hopes up and then watch them crash down during the playoffs, but hey – the Cardinals are doing so-so, the Rams are gone, and it would be great for our fair city if we could salvage some sports pride with a big shiny Stanley Cup! Or just to make it to the third round. We’ll aim for that first.