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Dog Blog 29.0 – Bussmann: Who They Are, What They Do

This is the first in a series of blogs that will give our readers and followers a little insight on the companies we work for, their business, and their products. It’s really interesting stuff.

Eaton Bussmann Series

Most people don’t really know the name Bussmann. Unless you are in the field of electricity, they are very well known! In fact, you probably have some link to Bussmann products in your home, business, or even your car. Bussmann makes circuit protection, or as most of us would call it, fuses. That is really drawing it down to the basics. This company is incredibly diverse in the world of electrical circuits and circuit protection. It would make your mind “blow a circuit” just trying to keep up with everything they do! Bussmann has been in business for over 100 years now, and throughout those years, they have gone beyond what most companies would do to keep their industrial brand alive. This company owns YELLOW! In fact, we have produced entire promotional and advertising campaigns to enforce the fact that in the electrical industry, Bussmann owns the color yellow.

Throughout my (Jim’s) career, I have only known a few companies that have stuck their branding fork in a particular color. There’s Coke for red, or Bud Light for blue, which you would come to expect from a consumer product. But we are talking B2B, and add to that, a brand that’s focused on a specific target like electricians. Bussmann narrowed down their market, in fact, they probably know every distributor (and distributor sales person) by name. The focus this company puts on their channel distribution is nothing short of intense. And from this intensity, they flat out own the color yellow, and they own the majority of the market as well.

There is much more to say about Bussmann, but I think you get the picture. They are a company who has done it right, and they continue to build on their success. Stay tuned for blog posts on our other clients…coming soon!

You can view some of the work we’ve done for Bussmann here and here.

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