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Dog Blog 32.0 – Champion Aerospace: Who They Are, What They Do

Who is Champion Aerospace?

The name Champion is synonymous with spark plugs. In fact, Champion’s namesake, Albert Champion, started the famed company back in the early 1900s when the automotive industry was just forming. Albert’s name became part of two companies known for automotive products – Champion Spark Plug and AC Spark Plugs. Now that we’ve covered a brief history of spark plugs, we’ll fast forward to 2017 and talk about Champion Aerospace!

Champion Aerospace is a well recognized name in the aeronautics industry. Their igniters, ignition equipment, and of course spark plugs have fired engines of all types – from single engine Cessnas to the NASA Space Shuttle. If it flies, Champion can power it into the air!

Today, the company operates out of Liberty, South Carolina and is truly an American made product and company. They make every part of their many products right in the USA, mostly at their facility in Liberty. The company is housed in a sprawling facility with some of the very best people in the aviation products industry. These employees know they are responsible for producing a high-quality product to keep airplane and jet engines firing while carrying passengers and cargo. Not many companies create products that hold this kind of responsibility, which is why Champion builds every part, component, and product.

It all stems back to the days of Albert Champion, a bicyclist, inventor, and industrialist of the 1900s. Before the days of current technology, capabilities, instant communications, and the digital world, his company sparked the gas engine. Today, it is still sparked by Champion Spark Plugs and Igniters. Pretty incredible stuff!

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