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Dog Blog 45.0 – Believe in the Blog

Blogs have been around awhile now (since approximately 1994, when they were called “weblogs”). Sure, they might be seen as “old fashioned,” and they do maintain a certain notoriety for being abandoned shortly after their initiation. Some people say they’re irrelevant. Some say the market is oversaturated (there’s over 440 million blogs out there!). We like to say, believe in the blog!

While some of the more unfortunate aspects hold some truth, hear us out for a moment. We’re not saying you should start a blog to earn money (see the note above about how many blogs currently exist), and we’re not saying it’s going to be easy (hence why bloggers are quick to abandon their cause). So why should you invest your time and resources into blogging?

The answer is simple: blogs provide an excellent avenue to reach your customers. While social media is also a proven method, blogs give you the chance to let your expertise shine. You determine the topics, you steer the conversation, and you can reach your audience on a deeper level.

Initiating and maintaining a blog can be a daunting task. As mentioned earlier, your blog’s purpose should not be to drive income, but to increase your business’ exposure. That can never be a bad thing, right?

So now that we’ve convinced you to hit the keyboard, we’d like to share some tips that will increase your blog’s success. If you already have an abandoned blog floating out there somewhere, it’s ok to resurrect it!

Blog Basics

The Title: Lure your audience in with catchy titles that invoke curiosity

  • How to _____ in [X] Easy Steps
  • The Ultimate Guide to ______
  • [X] Signs it’s Time for You to _____
  • Weird but Effective ____ for ____

YellowDog Tip: Be sure the title is SEO friendly and highlights your unique insights!

The Body: Depending on the topic, your post should have between 250 – 1,500 words

  • Make your point through the usage of subheadings, bolded copy, bulleted lists, and images. (Images can be illustrations, photos, charts, graphics, video, etc. Including at least one image is a must!)
  • Create unique content rather than recycling ideas that are already out there. This will help you establish yourself as an expert on the topic at hand.
  • Establish your voice – are you serious or more playful/fun? Sticking to a particular tone makes it easier for you to craft your content.

YellowDog Tip: Provide internal links to drive visitors to other pages throughout your website!

The Conclusion: : Reiterate your call to action and wrap up the post with some encouraging words

  • Think of the blog as an ongoing content relationship.
  • This is not the end…this is just one installment of many future conversations to come!

Blog Facts

  • Blog content compliments and feeds your social channels – break down your content for social media, and let your expertise shine on the blog.
  • Blogs support your SEO strategy.
  • You can gauge how many people read, engage, and interact with your blog – so use this information to understand your audience.